Girls Gymnastics

AIM Athletics is based on USA gymnastics standards. From the very first “AIM” class the young athlete is taught the USAG terminology and correct form to ensure safety and the ability to advance in the sport of gymnastics. Our classes are age and skill appropriate with an emphasis on safety and enjoying the sport!

Kinder Texans: (60 minutes)

Girls entering kindergarten, ages 5 – 6. This program is designed for girls who are preparing to move from a preschool class into a recreational gymnastics class. In this transitional class, the emphasis is placed on developing specific gymnastics skill through progressive activities on each gymnastic apparatus.

Texans Level 1 Gymnastics: (60 minutes)

Girls ages 6 and up. This is an introduction to the sport of gymnastics; this class does not require any gymnastics experience. Basic fundamentals of gymnastics are covered. Focus is placed on mastering the correct form and technique of gymnastics basics.

Texans Level 2 Gymnastics: (60 minutes)

Girls ages 6 and up. These class levels are for girls with prior gymnastics experience. Focus is placed on more difficult gymnastics skills, along with the development of adequate strength and flexibility to insure the safe execution of such skills.

Texans Level 3 Gymnastics: (90 minutes)

These class levels are for gymnasts who have mastered the necessary skills, strength and flexibility to proceed to a higher level of training in preparation for possible competitive teams, if desired. It is not a requirement to move to team. Evaluation for enrollment is required. Please contact gym to schedule evaluation.

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